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Retailer Marketing: How to Compete with Large Chains

We all know e-commerce is huge for retailers. In fact, in the past few years, several retailers have closed their locations and turned exclusively to online sales. And for good reason.

With the ease of online shopping and large online platforms such as Amazon & eBay, it’s hard to compete. Or is it?

What can specialty boutiques and the like do to draw customers in and keep them engaged as regular shoppers?

Focus on atmosphere and customer loyalty.

I love visiting downtown Franklin around the holidays. The local shops that line the main drag always have something so festive and it’s always busy! The holiday music in the background, over the top & fun window displays, and holiday decor throughout the store just put me in the mood to shop and check out what’s new.

Opryland Hotel is another great place I love to frequent around Christmas time. I’m even willing to fight the crowd just to walk through the garden area.

Retailers and those with storefronts can capitalize on creating great atmospheres. It really doesn’t even have to be just for the holidays. Creating fun scapes and overall atmosphere within a store will bring customers in and encourage them to take part in what you have going on. Of course you can’t rely entirely on cool decor and nice music – there’s still necessary customer service and promos to incorporate but focusing on the customer can benefit retailers.

I’ve always been a huge advocate for community and connecting others. I think a lot of success you have in business comes from one thing : your intention. Are you trying to make a sale or are you trying to give back to others and put good into the world? Shifting from a sales mindset to a customer mindset can pay off. Focus on people and give customers a good reason to come see you and your shop. In a busy world, most people are looking to connect to something they love and satisfy their subconscious – they want to visit places that are relevant.

Someone who does this so well – Joanna Gaines. Check out Magnolia Market at the Silos and you will see why. From fun events to a bakery to a store, this place brings in thousands of people per month.

A few things to bring your shop to life – music, Instagram worthy set ups (or murals), creative decor, scents, offering cocktails, and so on. Woo your customer – and get the sale!

Looking to add something cool to your shop? Need some creative ideas? Get in touch.