how to optimize instagram profile business

How To Optimize a Business Instagram Profile

Is your business on Instagram? If not, create an account TODAY! I highly suggest this platform for any business.

So what’s the best way to optimize, organize and properly set up a business account? Check out these 8 tips.

How to Optimize your Instagram Business Profile

No. 1 : Switch to a professional account or creator account.

I love how IG recently came out with a ‘Creator’ category and not just a ‘Professional’ account. Now designers, writers, musicians, and other entrepreneurs can list themself as such rather than a generic place of business.

Be sure to switch to a business account so you can have access to analytics, the ability to add contact buttons and post insights that are useful for planning and strategy.

No. 2 : Be clear in your bio and list what you do.

Short, sweet and to the point. I’d also suggest formatting this in an organized way.

If you don’t have a physical business location (and have a Creator account), add your city and state in your bio. Be clear about what you offer too. Create a tagline, short sentence or list individual items per line.

You can also add hashtags here and other accounts you manage or are a part of.

No. 3: Add your website.

Make sure your business website is listed on your profile. You can also update this link regularly if you post a new blog post or want to point users to a certain site. As a pro/creator account, you can track link clicks too!

No. 4 : Create story highlights.

If you don’t know by now, it’s really important to utilize all that IG offers. Create posts, stories and stay engaged. Don’t just create a story highlight on your profile though. Make a cool cover that is consistent with your branding. Try color blocks, cool fonts, aesthetic photos or even funky icons.

No. 5 : Tag people in posts when relevant.

Make sure you tag other accounts in your posts so it shows on their profile too. This is great for cross promoting and helping users to find your content when they’re looking at other brands that you are linked to or have worked with.

Note: Create two tags – one in the caption & the other on the photo.

No. 6 : Invest in your profile picture.

If you’re a business, use your logo (properly sized) as the profile picture. If you’re a solo entrepreneur, use a professional headshot. Do not use blurry images. You’re going for a clean cut, professional look here!

No. 7 : Make it easy for users to contact you.

Add your email address and phone number. You have the option of call or text. DM’s are great, but you want to connect via phone or email. How else are they going to see your cool email signature? How else are you going to give them that sales pitch and talk them into that big remodel?

Don’t forget sometimes messages are filtered or come in as requests!

If you’re looking for more info on how to optimize your business account or need helping managing it, get in touch!