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Creative Concepts

This winter, Rose Design House launched a new project – creating in-house seasonal creative concepts.

Everything I create is driven by an underlying, big picture. A very detailed idea I have in mind that can only be captured and brought to life with aesthetic photography, graphics, images and overall feel.

Creative concepts, or themes if you will, are strategic in nature. It’s my belief they are critical in marketing. Why does it matter though?

Have you ever thought about why you resonate with a brand so much? It’s probably because you feel you relate to or enjoy the branding of the company. The vibe. The look. The emotional feel to it all.

That’s by no accident. It’s very intentional and a strategy those brands have put into play.

Let’s take a look at these brands. Here’s what kind of concept I would consider each to have.

Stetson – see it here

a laid back, western feel that is suggests versatility and practicality.

Beardbrand – see it here

masculine feel with minimal, rich-in-color photos‘a man’s brand’

Casetify – see it here

vibrant, teen-driven brand with fun eye-catching graphics

It works, right? You gravitate towards accounts because they’re a consistent dose of a look.

Creating consistency is in turn creating a brand which in turn creates a following and ultimately credibility and profit.

Utilizing a designer to create creative concepts also mixes up stagnant content. If you’re scrolling through a profile, don’t you want to see some variation?

Sure, branding has its limitations and best practices, but fresh content is always nice to see especially for those who have a lot to say or showcase.

Are you needing for a new look? Maybe some direction on content?

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