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Content Is King

Marketing is all about strategy. What makes a good strategy though, and what does good marketing look like?

It would depend on which industry you’re in really. Maybe good marketing is product photography, great B2B presentations or maybe outbound items delivered to clients. I think we can all agree that whatever the vehicle is to get your brand across is crucial.

Recently I switched RDH’s business model up and overall strategy. I have moved more into content creation and branding. Yes, I still focus on graphic design, web design and art direction, but it’s much more than that. I will simply say any content has to be paired with a given client’s branding specs in order to create great marketing material and culture.

You’ve heard the saying content is king, but that seems to be an understatement. With the emergence of digital platforms, constantly evolving social media platforms and a lot of noise, content must look just right.

I’ve always focused on content creation, but I’ve realized over the past year that branding makes up the second half of what I do. I don’t want to just create beautiful pieces, I want each to stand out and ultimately play into a much larger picture.

So what does that look like? There has been a large shift from a hard sell to providing useful, well designed information. RDH curates and creates content to increase brand awareness and in turn achieve a business’s goal (more sales, broader audience, etc.)

Using a broad yet very nit-picky perspective, RDH forms content & strategy by using a client’s business objectives and a customer’s needs. Consider me (and those I bring along on projects) as expert idea generators and problem solvers.

A good designer has to possess a design sensibility to envision how content will be presented & understood. The handoff is not the last thought. From there, we want to make sure the content and graphics resonate with the audience. It’s very much about forming content with an understanding of the client/customer experience as well as how it ties in with search engine optimization (SEO).

I encourage businesses to focus on content. The type of content needed will look different for everyone depending on the industry, goals, services and the brand itself.

By investing in your content, you are creating a professional, well designed first impression.

What’s your strategy for 2020? Call me, and let’s find out.